Enterprise App Development: Adoption Trends, Use Cases, and Challenges to Consider

The state of enterprise mobile apps in 2017

  • better employee productivity and mobility,
  • increased process efficiency,
  • reduced cost of operation,
  • access to the new data sources and their advanced management,
  • overall higher employee satisfaction, and
  • real-time collaboration which results in simplified decision making.
  • Utilities, HR, and collaboration (conference software, scheduling and reporting solutions, asset management, time tracking, project and task management, feedback and rewards);
  • Sales & marketing (CRM and contacts management, inventory access and pricing, order placement, and presentations);
  • Field services (order management, routing, time and asset tracking, remote access to documents); and
  • Operations (logistics, security, and inventory management).

Top 7 challenges companies face when building enterprise mobile apps

1. Lack of internal skills

2. Integration and compliance hurdles

3. Choice of platform and technologies

4. Data management

5. Security

6. Employee readiness

7. Maintenance

The future of enterprise mobile app development



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