How Much Does it Cost to Make an App

How much does it cost to make an app and what influences its price formation?

  • who will build it, i.e. development team (how many people will be involved, their hourly rates, level of competence)
  • what it will be, i.e. what type of app it will be and it’s level of complexity
  • where it’ll actually be built (location)

Develop for Android, iOS or both?

Project complexity

  • Apps with basic functionality and UI are typically standalone apps with standard UI components such as email login, basic data storage etc. There is no backend development and it could be completed in 300 hrs or less.
  • Your middle-of-the-road app includes custom UI, login via social accounts, backend development, databases, social media integration, personalization, geolocation, API integration, push notifications, etc. Development will take approximately 300–800 hrs;
  • Complex business or enterprise apps will take more than 800 hrs and may include additional features apart from those listed above. These include custom animation, security, data encryption, web portal for app administration, monetization, payment system integration, scalability, hardware integration etc.

Human factor


  • United States & Canada: $50–250
  • UK, Australia and Western Europe: $50–150
  • Eastern Europe: $20–50
  • India: $8–20

Post-release maintenance




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