How to compete in the modern eCommerce market like Tophatter

A lesson by Tophatter, an up-and-coming eBay competitor

  • Niche audience — the platform targets millennials, offering goods in several categories (jewelry, apparel, accessories, beauty, and electronics).
  • Flash auctions — every auction has a time limit of 90 seconds, which also caters to millennials with small attention spans while promoting competition among the sellers.
  • Advanced personalization — the platform uses smart algorithms and machine learning tocustomize the user experience while providing more relevant offers.
  • Mobile-first strategy — even though there is a website, the startup focuses primarily on its mobile app.
  • Exceptional user experience — the app has a number of unique UI interactions (the auction rooms and bidding process) which makes the app easy and fun to use.

How to beat the retail giants at their own game? Winning strategies for an eCommerce startup

Choose custom development over a ready-made solution

Invest in the quality and reliability of your product

Prioritize the user experience

Put your data to use

Don’t forget about mobile

Focus on a specific market niche

Create unique value proposition

Focus on customer experience on all levels

Build loyalty

Invest in marketing




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