How to Develop an Internet of Things Application for Pet Care: A Go-to-Market Guide

1.The main opportunities within the IoT application development for pet care

  • An opportunity to become an early adopter and establish a solid market presence before the competition catches up.
  • Added monetization potential through higher app prices, hardware sales, partnerships with pet product vendors, etc.
  • Tapping into the pool of user data and the opportunity to further monetize it (by making smarter business decisions, offering advanced personalization, and providing insights sourced from the data as a standalone product).

2. Pet tech market: What are the most popular examples of Internet of Things applications for pet care?

  • Pet monitors and interactive cameras

3. How to build an IoT application for pet care? The main aspects you should take into account

  • Hardware platform (i.e. your processing board, and microcontrollers). This is the device itself. Be it a custom design or a solution built on top of the available platforms (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi), the choice should depend solely on the purpose of the device and required functionality.
  • Backend and networking. Establishing a solid backend infrastructure is one of the essential elements of a successful IoT product. Working in real time with large amounts of data, you need to be sure that connection is reliable and can handle the load. Security should be built into your product by default.
  • Integrated mobile app. It is the only part of your product that users will directly interact with. Thus, you need to make it intuitive and user-friendly (We will get to the functionality later).
  • APIs. To tie the hardware, backend, and mobile app into one system (or connect to any third-party system or service), you need reliable bridges between the three elements.
  • Data storage and analytics. The brain of your product, data storage and analytics are essential for building a truly intelligent solution. This will help you make sense of the loads of data the sensors will collect, as well as introduce personalization capabilities later on.

4. What makes a good Pet-Tech app? Core features to add to your pet care IoT app

  • History and trends overview
  • GPS tracking (for wearables)
  • Interactive elements (for non-wearable treat dispensers, and toys)

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