How to Optimize Supply Chain through IoT, Analytics and Automation | Eastern Peak

Top supply chain challenges

1.Excellent customer service

2. Effective cost control

3. Risk management and planning

4. Strong supplier/partner relationships

5. Bridging the talent gap

  • disrupted workflow and operational downtime
  • non-satisfactory customer experience
  • overstocking
  • underproduction
  • lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • financial and reputational losses

Digital transformation for supply chain and its benefits

  • optimal supplier selection through leveraging advanced analytics
  • state-of-the- art inventory management: automated stock counts, predictive procurement, etc.
  • tracking the movement of goods through GPS on company trucks and vehicles
  • monitoring the product’s condition through IoT sensors and beacons (for example, high temperature levels could indicate potential risks)
  • predictive analytics taking into account both internal factors as well as current micro and macroeconomic indicators
  • risk mitigation, etc.

Supply chain analytics

IoT use cases in supply chains

Robotic process automation in supply chain management

The Bottom line



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