How to Protect Applications for Connected Cars? IoT Security Tips

Connected Cars: The Future of Transportation or Unjustified IoT Security Risks?

  • Convenience, optimization, and an enjoyable driving experience
  • increased safety
  • better control over the vehicle and its remote diagnostics
  • the ability to automate routine tasks (parking and lane assistance)
  • cost savings due to timely detection of potential problems

Connected Cars and Privacy Concerns: What are the Main Risks?

  • unlock and steal the car
  • track its location
  • harm or take control of its internal systems
  • take over the GPS and guide a driver to an unintended location
  • access a driver’s personal information, including their name, email, home address, as well as bank details (e.g. credit card number and its expiration date)

How to Protect Your App from Hackers: 5 IoT Connected Cars Security Tips

Building Secure and Scalable Connected Car Apps with Eastern Peak



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