IoT Sustainability Solutions: Top 9 Green Business Ideas in 2021

The global issues that IoT solves

Climate change

Water crisis

Agricultural concerns

Waste management

Connected wildlife

Top ideas for your eco startup: IoT sustainability solutions

1. Energy management software for commercial buildings

2. Water control and monitoring systems

3. Air quality monitoring

4. Smart farming solutions

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5. Sustainability solutions for industrial IoT

6. Smart home software

7. Smart city management suites

8. “Green” mobility solutions

9. Waste reduction and management software

How to create an IoT startup and make it successful

Building an IoT startup: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Break your idea down into clear formulated goals

Step 2. Estimate user feedback

Step 3: Write a product specification

Step 4. Create a product design

Step 5. Build a prototype

Step 6. Start software development

Step 7. Build a 3D model

Step 8. Release an MVP

Step 9. Development, marketing, and support

Final thoughts



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