Leveraging Technology and Best Practices for Better Fleet Management | Eastern Peak

What is fleet management software (FMS)?

Why use fleet management software?

How does this technology work?

The benefits of leveraging technology for fleet management

1. Maintenance

2. Needs forecasting

3. Improved safety

4. Better service

5. Big data and analytics

The main applications and features of fleet management solutions

1. Routing and ETAs

2. Fuel monitoring

3. Controlling your drivers’ behavior

4. Vehicle maintenance

5. Documentation

6. Theft and vehicle security

An example from our experience: Reforming the fleet management industry with Kaftor Business

Kaftor Business is an example of fleet technology we at Eastern Peak have developed for small enterprises that need comprehensive vehicle management.

Even the most attentive and professional drivers can increase their productivity with the fitting software. Kaftor enables companies to make the most out of their automotive assets by enriching the staff with relevant and actionable data.

The solution that we present is focused primarily on improving the safety and efficiency of an enterprise’s logistics. To achieve that, our software scans all assets on your fleet for any abnormal activity and sends immediate alerts if some malfunction or emergency is detected. Drivers also enjoy the official application that lets them manage their assigned cars and schedules.

With Kaftor you can

How to get started?



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