Swift vs. Objective-C: 7 Benefits of Swift Development


Indeed.com job postings statistic: Swift vs Objective C

Swift benefits: Why choose Swift for your new project?

1. Swift apps are fast and performant

2. Increased team productivity and happiness

3. It is built with safety in mind

4. Your app will be future-proof

5. Rich open source ecosystem

6. Strong corporate support

7. Better maintainability

A bonus: Better chance to be featured in the App Store

When to hire Swift developers: use cases.

  • MVP development — Swift is perfect for fast and lean development of a minimum viable product.
  • Consumer-facing apps — Swift is a good choice in those cases when performance and speed are considered to be critical.
  • Enterprise apps — supported by IBM, the Swift enterprise ecosystem continues to grow, which offers a lot of opportunities for building business oriented apps.
  • Apps with cross-device support — if you are planning to further expand your app reach by porting it to Apple Watch or Apple TV, Swift could be a great choice, as it provides 100% native hardware support out of the box.



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