The Practical Guide to Create a Booking App from Scratch | Eastern Peak

Advantages of mobile booking applications

Major types of booking apps

On-demand booking apps

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In-advance booking apps

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Key and advanced features to create a booking app

Key features of modern booking apps

Advanced features of online reservation apps

Major steps in developing a successful booking app

1. Carry out a market and competitors research

2. Select a definite type of the booking app

3. Identify your USP

4. Plan the functionality of a booking app

5. Tailor UX/UI design

6. App development

7. Test and launch

8. Get customers’ feedback and improve your app

Things to consider when developing a booking app

Provide data security

Integrate with third-party services

Well thought out admin panel

Consider going for a booking website

Summing up



Eastern Peak is a custom software development company which possesses deep expertise in working with startups and building intuitive mobile apps from ground up.

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