The Tried and Tested Mobile App Promotion Strategies for Black Friday

Getting your app Black Friday-ready in 5 easy steps

  • Learn from your mistakes: review and analyze the data from last year to draw valuable insights about user behavior and preferences.
  • Conduct a thorough performance audit to ensure the app is running smoothly and performing well — load testing to make sure your app is ready for the increased traffic volume (e.g. scale up your servers)
  • Review and optimize your user experience to streamline the purchase process. To start with, minimize the number of fields in your purchase form.
  • Put any updates on hold and don’t deploy the changes to the app right before and during the Black Friday weekend. Make all of the required changes in advance or wait until the holiday season is over.
  • Stay alert during the Black Friday weekend: make sure to provide 24/7 tech support and be ready to fix any issues that may arise as soon as possible.

How to promote an app for Black Friday deals? 7 proven strategies to fuel your mobile sales

1.Give people a reason to download your app

2. Reward customer loyalty

3. Make use of push notifications

  • send early, stay ahead of the curve
  • be specific and highlight the value you are offering
  • make your copy irresistible (but don’t forget about your brand voice and style)

4. Rely on context

5. Keep your app fresh

6. Establish partnerships and use cross-promotion

7. Retain users with gamification

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