Why Agile is the Key to Accelerated Digital Transformation? | Eastern Peak

How to accelerate digital transformation using agile

Agile in digital transformation: The main benefits

  • Speed: the Agile approach is incremental. Rather than trying to deliver end-to-end solutions all at once, it splits the big task into small chunks, gradually introducing step-by-step improvements. The digital transformation should never really end, and Agile ensures the improvements advance continuously.
  • Cost: the Agile approach will not attempt to change the entire enterprise ecosystem just for the sake of it. First of all, it will align the transformative changes with the aims of the business. Focusing first on systems and processes that need improvement, Agile digital transformation will help organizations introduce changes that are both relevant and cost-effective. Ultimately, instant ROI will be the reward.
  • Low risk: within small sprints, continuous testing and experimentation is unlikely to lead to any negative disruptions and damages. By constantly requesting feedback and acting on it, the Agile approach to digital transformation will enable organizations to verify if the strategy which had been planned out will ultimately prove viable without significant risks while avoiding any irreversible changes. Short deployment cycles help indicate risks and errors long before they lead to serious damages.
  • Flexibility: Agile values are inherently adaptable with any plan, no matter how perfect it may initially appear to be. Yet, it also relies on executive vision, while making real-time adjustments to ensure the best result. Changes are a natural part of the transformative process, and makes responding to them a priority. Agile teams are ardent learners; they welcome new ideas and focus on continuous improvement.



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