Why Cheap App Development Will Actually Cost You More: Risks to Consider and Lessons to Learn

What is the price you will have to pay for cheap app development services?

  • By locating their development facilities offshore to India or Pakistan. Despite affordable rates, the level of education, skills, and corporate culture among such providers are usually quite low.
  • By underestimating the development scope and effort (on purpose). Such estimates usually don’t cover any risks or project management hours.
  • By offering a lower rate or a special discount just to score the contract. The chances are, there will be hidden fees or upcharges once you start working.
  • By offering inexperienced junior-level developers or interns who are just gaining experience. As a result, such teams won’t be able to deliver on time, and the quality of the product will be significantly lower in the end.
  • By offering a “one size fits all” service. This usually includes cloned apps, built on top of DIY app builders or white-label solutions. As a result, your product will lack the innovative edge and won’t be able to stand out among the competition.
  • By assigning developers/designers/project managers to several projects at the same time. This means, the team won’t be able to focus on your project, which typically leads to lower commitment and poor results.

The main pitfalls of choosing low cost app development: The total cost of ownership definition

  • Missed deadlines and the vendor’s inability to deliver the product on time. As a result, you can lose a competitive edge and miss the opportunity to launch the product before other market players do.
  • The vendor’s failure to build the product at all. In this case, you will need to look for another company to take on the project halfway through and will have to ensure a smooth transition from one development team to another.
  • Quality issues discovered at the post production stage. Post production bug fixing, if not included to the initial estimates, may add up to 80% onto the development time. For you, this means not only greater development costs, but also losing active clients and gaining negative market perception which is difficult to recover.
  • The product’s inability to scale. Ignoring the basic software architecture, i.e. the foundation of the product’s scalability, you might be able to reduce the cost of the development. Yet, this will limit its future scope and ability to scale both vertically and horizontally. Every new feature will require significant changes to architecture or even a complete codebase refactoring. Consequently, failing to implement proper initial architecture can lead to development times of up to 10 times more than the initial project estimate.

Understanding the cost of app development: App features that are usually priced high

  • custom UI and animations/microinteractions (e.g. social media apps, games)
  • any app that requires backend and database development.
  • in-app personalization involving machine learning and algorithms (e.g. eCommerce).
  • geolocation and real-time tracking (e.g. Uber-like apps)
  • third-party API integration (depending on the API documentation and features)
  • additional layers of security and data encryption (e.g. fintech and banking apps)
  • apps requiring a web portal for app administration (e.g. on-demand delivery apps)
  • payment gateways integration (e.g. eCommerce and retail apps)
  • hardware integration (e.g. IoT apps)
  • apps using VR/AR content. Such apps are considered extremely complex (plus, the required skills are currently in-demand) and that is why they cannot be cheap.
  • AI-based apps and chatbots (e.g. social media, messaging apps)

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